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To be the best mod portal in the trucksim community, we need passionate people working with us. Everything we do, every day, in more ways than one, helps to make a unique contribution to every truck simulation player.

About Us

We are both players, modders, reviewers and critics but, above all we love trucks! Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator give us traction to overcome ourselves and pursuit that extra mile towards realism and perfection while having fun. Delivering all that to the community – for free – is our ultimate goal.



Be a solution for the lack of quality addons for the SCS Software simulators seen over the last years. We intend to strengthen relations between quality modders and passionate gamers and also ensure proper engagement with the Prague sims and SCS Software studio.



Be a dominant portal related to the Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator news, mods and related content, while offering an amazing user or gamer experience that could generate real engagement with our project and with the game developers.



Help modders to share and gamers to download quality content, using a top platform and social technology. We intend to change “have to do” into “want to do” behaviours while improving modding performance and engagement among the trucksim community.


To know more about us, you must go back in time. It was 2008 when we established Eurotrucksimulator.org which quickly grown into one of the trucksim community leaders, specialising in quality mods and credible news about Trucks, Simulators and 3D art. We started with a junior team of dedicated staff but ensuring high-quality content in a competent and professional manner. This definitely settled us apart from anything else back then.

With an impressive first year of growth into 12.000 forum active members in 2008, the Eurotrucksimulator.org project was sketched out some years before and later founded by our current executive editor amid other projects, all of them directly or indirectly linked to the transport sector.


This 2020 return happens after some mature years of introspection, reformulation and searches for new horizons, all based on propositions of serious independent journalism, accurate information and exploring interesting matters hidden outside the traditional mainstream circuits. To research and produce such content, we gathered the finest talent, people sharing similar passions and standing for a wealth of knowledge and experience within the transport industry and the simulator video games.

We decided to create two separate portals within our trucksim ecosystem, the Eurotrucksimulator.org and the Mod Garage, allowing us to focus independently on both real and virtual variants of the transportation industry. We apply the same rigour, exemption, quality and professionalism principles that always characterized us, on both websites. We know that’s what our fan community is expecting of us.

Our Motto

We are humble enough to respect and value the work of all trucksim modders. However, our main mission is to include and publish high-quality and properly tested mods in our catalogue, ensuring that they are 100% errors and bugs free. If you believe that your work meets these high-quality standards, contact us here.


Want to join our fantastic modding team?
All we ask are the skills, the quality mindset and an eye-candy trucksim portfolio.


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The finest selection including exclusive mods from the top creators worldwide.


Every mod is constantly updated to match the latest ETS2 and ATS game versions.


We intensively test all the mods in our catalogue, both for errors and quality.


All mods are self-hosted and 100% safe. Get rid of pop-ups and malware.

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